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Lawrenceville Brings Health and Safety Upgrades to $35 Million Arts Facility

The City of Lawrenceville had just made a major investment in adding enhanced health and safety upgrades to their new Performing Arts Center. Significant progress has been made in constructing the $35 million arts facility that will be located on the downtown square. The new health and safety additions will ensure that the facility will be a safe environment for years to come.

The upgrades include enhanced air filtering systems, UV lights to sterilize and sanitize the HVAC units, and hands-free devices throughout the facility to reduce contact with surfaces. The City of Lawrenceville is also adding plexiglass separators to aid social distancing in areas like the ticket and concessions booths, as well as hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. These safety additions will make the new 56,000 square foot Performing Arts Center a healthier environment for all who visit it. The facility will be the new home for the Aurora Theatre, offering a 500-seat theater, cabaret, and indoor rooms and outdoor spaces for educational programming. The facility is expected to finish construction in spring 2021.