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Let’s Go Eat at La Michoacana Loca

Throughout Gwinnett there are thousands of small, thriving businesses trying to catch your attention. These local places can range from clothing stores to cute ice cream shops, or perhaps somewhere to have loads of fun with your family, like a skating rink. Maybe you are interested in local restaurants, I know I can surely get tired of McDonalds and Zaxbys.

My favorite local restaurant is called La Michoacana Loca. The main reason why this place attracts me, is because it sells Mexican foods. They have a wide variety of tacos de asada, al pastor, chorizo and amazing tostadas, which are usually made with beans or meat with bread on top. Not only do they have very delicious dinner options, but they also have great Hispanic desserts. There is a huge variety of ice cream and popsicles, plus esquites (corn) and chamoyadas! It’s small and it is right in front of Berkmar High school.

You will most likely really enjoy the culture and the feel of Mexico if you decide to support this place. Who doesn’t want a taste of something different every once and awhile? I know I do! And another reason why I recommend this restaurant is because it is very inexpensive! Desserts even start at $3.99 depending on what size you get.

The business was first established in 2013, being one of the first to combine both authentic Mexican food and also desserts. Personally, I enjoy coming here with my family on the weekends whenever we are feeling hungry or craving something sweet. It makes spending quality time with your family even more perfect because of the tasty food. Supporting small local businesses like this is a very great thing to do. Especially, when these places give you the customer satisfaction you deserve.