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Listen to Lee Thompson Jr. talk about the history and future of Gwinnett!

Lee Thompson, Jr. has spent his lifetime in Gwinnett working to make the County a better place, and believes that the politics of hope, inclusion, and unity will prevail over the politics of fear, exclusion and division. Lee believes in trying creative, new approaches to solve old problems and that all residents deserve to be heard and have full access to economic opportunities. Lee’s deep community ties and strong record as a committed advocate for equality make him the leader Gwinnett deserves.

Elected office is a public service, and the government should work for the people it serves to better the entire community. As Commission Chair, Lee will demand integrity and work to lead Gwinnett County to accomplishments that it has not even considered.


For more information on Lee and his campaign, including information on when you can vote in the upcoming primaries, visit his website: