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Listen to Curt Thompson candidate for Gwinnett County Commission Chair.

“If Gwinnett was great enough for us to grow up in, shouldn’t it also be great enough for our kids?”

– Curt Thompson

The overall purpose of Curt Thompson’s campaign for Gwinnett County Commission Chair is to build a bridge to Gwinnett’s future by first getting honest about where we are.

Curt Thompson Candidate For Gwinnett County Commission Chair

Curt Thompson graduated from Shiloh High School, where he was a National Merit Scholar. He received his undergraduate degree in international studies and broadcast journalism from American University in Washington D.C., and his law degree from Georgia State University College of Law. He was elected to the state senate in 2004 and represented the 5th District. Despite being in the minority party, he served as Chair of the Special Judiciary Committee. Before his 14 years in the state senate, he served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2003–2005.

Curt continues to live and work in Gwinnett and has a real desire to ensure that we build a bridge to a bolder and brighter future for our county and all those in it. In this podcast, Curt talks about how his service might ensure that all of Gwinnett’s citizens are safe, treated with respect, have equal opportunity, and are free from discrimination of any kind.


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