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Listening with Empathy

Anthony Dramis is an Algebra 1 teacher at Richard Hull Middle School. He was named Hull Middle School’s Teacher of the Year and was a summit finalist for Gwinnett’s Teacher of the Year.

Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a master’s degree in teaching, and a EDS in instructional technology from Franklin Pierce College. He has been teaching for four years, all of them being at Hull Middle.

Mr. Dramis got into teaching to help young students learn Algebra 1, which he believes in the foundation of math for high school. He loves everything about being a teacher, from interacting with students to being a positive role model. He states that working with the faculty and staff here is amazing and that “the people are just wonderful.”

Mr. Dramis’ advice for teaching is just to listen to their problems and situations with empathy. He used the newly innovative “flip” style teaching method in which the students watch a lesson of a concept at home and work with Mr. Dramis to do the problems in class.

One of his students, named Olivia Kim, states that Mr. Dramis is loud, smart, funny, energetic, organized, and passionate about the curriculum. Outside of academia, Mr. Dramis coaches the girls basketball team and the robotics team. He plays football and basketball and loves to spend time with his German Shepherd named Junior. He loves to learn and will be pursuing a doctorate starting in the summer of 2018.

As a former student of his, I can personally state that Mr. Dramis deserves to be Teacher of the Year. His classroom was always a room of intellectual discussions made fun and innovative by Mr. Dramis. He never forgets his classes or the people in them.

When I came to interview him, I was so worried on how this interview would go because I was seeing him for the first time in three years. My nerves were settled once Mr. Dramis walked through the door with a smile on his face and an enthusiastic hug. He is the type of teacher you can count on even when you leave him, he will always be there for you whenever.