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The Wind that Fills Their Sails

Robert Arrington is a third grade teacher at Parsons Elementary school. He has been a pillar of GCPS for almost 18 years. Mr. Arrington graduated from Claremont Mckenna University with a B.A. in History Literature. He was born in Virginia, but constantly moved around due to the fact that his father was in the army. He went to college in California and moved to Georgia to teach. Mr. Arrington has been happily married for 16 years and has two children and two dogs. He also has two cats named Tigger and Zeus.

Mr. Arrington had a very complex path to becoming a teacher. He originally wanted to work as a writer or in retail, but fell to working in mental health by working with people who suffer from mental disabilities. He specialized in working with kids with mental disabilities from there, which made him realize his love for kids and became a teacher. He loves watching them grow and develop in the classroom and loves to see what becomes of them when they grow up. He believes that teachers are the “wind that fills their sails,” as teachers encourage them to go even if they go off in separate directions.

His main goal is to become a positive role model for his students and he accomplishes this by being very proactive in class and constantly encouraging their separate talents and passions. He previously taught 5th grade, but moved down to 3rd grade because he believes that 3rd grade is when they put their skills to use and begin to learn concepts and comprehension of what they do in class. It is currently his second year teaching third grade and I am sure he will do great.

Mr. Arrington taught 5th grade in the class next to me, however our classes would always merge to work together and that is how I developed a bond with Mr. Arrington. You can see that he genuinely cares for his students and that he is passionate in his work.