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Math Teacher Mosaic: Meet Mrs. Whitlow

Written by Jaiden Arada, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Cherokee Bluff High School

Teachers are some of the most important people in some people’s lives. They share and provide their knowledge, but they also make real life connections with their students that other people cannot provide. A teacher at Cherokee Bluff High School named Emily Whitlow provided those connections with her kids. She teaches math including Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. She is a newer teacher that has really enjoyed her experience so far with the Bear Family. When interviewed, she answered the questions about her teaching experience and her everyday life. 

Miss Whitlow went to the University of North Georgia for college, and she absolutely loved it. She decided to go into teaching because in high school she said that her teachers “created an environment in which [she] felt safe, supported, encouraged and cared about,” which made her find her calling for teaching. While in college, she did student teaching at Cherokee Bluff High School which made her want to continue her teaching career there. She says that she is “blessed to be a part of such a wonderful school.” 

Miss Whitlow’s teaching philosophy builds on the connections that she makes with students. She wants her kids to feel cared about first and foremost. This relates to them so that they feel that her classroom is a safe place to explore and try new things. This way, students feel more comfortable asking questions and learning in new and different ways. She says that she “want[s] to help [her] students learn how to be good learners.” In the format that she teaches her classes, they are definitely on the road to success. 

Some interesting information about Miss Whitlow is that she loves traveling. She says that traveling gets her excited for her future endeavors and she is even planning a trip to Austria! To relieve some of the stress that teaching may bring, she likes to take walks to release some of the pressure. After the pandemic, the level of stress within the job was heightened, but finding new positive outlets to relieve stress was essential for Miss Whitlow. She also loves Target, like most people and loves the clothing sections of the store. 

Miss Whitlow is a very well-rounded person and an excellent teacher to have on the Cherokee Bluff High School staff. She is passionate about her job and is helpful to her students. Wanting to help new students in unique ways is the best thing a teacher can offer. Her future students should look forward to a great experience with her!