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Peachtree Corners City Council Recognizes 10th Anniversary of Southwest Gwinnett Chamber

On Thursday, March 24th, Mayor Pro Tempore Weare Gratwick and City Councilman Joe Sawyer attended the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Southwest Gwinnet Chamber of Commerce.  

During the event, Gratwick presented a copy of the Proclamation that was entered into the official Peachtree Corners record during the Council’s regular meeting held on Tuesday, March 22nd.  In addition to serving as a current board member of the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber, Gratwick is a past Chairman of the organization.

“The 10th Anniversary Celebration was a chance to not only reflect back on the Chamber’s accomplishments but also look to future and how we can continue to support businesses, schools, and nonprofits,” said Gratwick.  “It was rewarding to see so many folks come together and celebrate what so many have had a hand in building.”  

The proclamation presented by the City Council reads as follows:


WHEREAS, the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce was established on March 19, 2012 to support, equip, and engage businesses in Peachtree Corners, Berkeley Lake, and Norcross; and 

WHEREAS, the Southwest Gwinnett’s Chamber vision is to champion the southwest Gwinnett area as a preferred place for supporting economic opportunity, embracing diverse talent, and generating a robust quality of life; and 

WHEREAS, over the past ten years, the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber has implemented its vision and made a difference in our community by bringing businesses together, fostering a spirit of cooperation, and engaging in civic activities. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Mayor and Council of the City of Peachtree Corners that the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is hereby congratulated on its tenth anniversary and commended for its decade of success in our community. 

SO PROCLAIMED AND EFFECTIVE, this 22nd day of March, 2022.

“There is such a synergy between the vibrant cities of Peachtree Corners, Norcross and Berkeley Lake,” said SWGC Chairwoman Margie Asef.  “The businesses, organizations, schools, and communities all benefit from the unified support of our local, regional, and worldwide reach.”  

About the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce
The SWGC is a membership organization that exists to form partnerships among businesses, non-profits, and government leadership to positively impact the people we all serve—our communities of Berkeley Lake, Norcross, and Peachtree Corners. The SWGC functions as a mobilizer and equipper in three categories: Connect, Engage and Make a Difference. By working together, we create businesses that are healthier, an economy that is richer, a community that is stronger. Large and small businesses alike benefit from committing to active participation as the Chamber creates visibility for members as a whole and the individual members. Additionally, our leadership works hard to ensure that your business or organization experiences benefits that are only achieved through our scaled partnership.

About the City of Peachtree Corners, Georgia
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