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Positively Profiled: Discovery’s Mr. Robinson

“Anyone can teach but very few can educate.” Behind every great student stands an even greater teacher, building the foundation for the path to success.

Often, teachers are overlooked and not recognized for their contributions. Teachers deserve some spotlight. I took to the halls of Discovery High and searched for a teacher to shine a light on. Eventually my sights landed on Discovery’s own Mr. Robinson, an 11th grade U.S History teacher. Mr. Robinson has taught scholars for 11 years, spending 4 of those years with high schoolers. Mr. Robinson has come across a multitude of students in his years and has one hope for all students — to learn not only history but life lessons as well.

“My experience in Mr. Rob’s class was cool. I learned a lot and looked forward to his lessons!” said a former student.

Mr. Robinson’s personal high school experience was described in one word: interesting. During his scholastic career, he can recall wanting to be an educator. Not just any kind of teacher, but a history teacher. Most people assume freshman and senior year are the most important years of high school. Mr. Robinson, however, stressed the fact that ALL 4 years are important. He can say from experience that freshman year can define the rest of your high school life. Having a history teacher named Ms. Brown who taught him how to really study, helped Mr. Robinson finish high school out on a strong note.

Mr. Robinson notes that not much has changed about high school since his days as a high schooler. Kids are still finding themselves and figuring out their next moves after graduation.

Attending college at Kennesaw University, Mr. Robinson graduated with a degree in history.
Teaching at Discovery has connected Mr. Robinson with amazing students of different backgrounds. Mr. Robinson is the sponsor of a club called Titan Men of Distinction (TOD).

“This club strives to make young men world-class leaders in their communities through academic enrichment, community outreach, and fostering self-discipline and confidence.” -TOD mission statement.

In the future, Mr. Robinson can see himself expanding the Titan Men of Distinction club into a non-profit organization, reaching out to young men all over the nation. For now, you can find this educator shaping the minds of scholars at Discovery High_. One history lesson at a time.