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Taking Time for Every Student

Throughout my three years of taking language arts in high school, I’ve always struggled to maintain a good grade. Walking into my senior year, I was expecting the same thing. On the first day of school I walked into second period, which was language arts and I was introduced to my teacher, Ms. Brasher.

Ms. Brasher is a first-year teacher at Discovery and teaches twelfth grade British Literature. Not only has Ms. Brasher improved my skills for language arts, but she also takes the time to make sure every student is well taken care of.

So far her experience at Discovery has been “really good, but stressful at the same time.” Although it sometimes can be stressful, Ms. Brasher says “it’s definitely worth it.”

Thoughts before the first day of school made Ms. Brasher “scared out of her mind.” Now that it’s the end of the third month of school, Ms. Brasher says that she has learned a lot and has definitely gotten used to the Titan atmosphere.

One goal that Ms. Brasher would like to achieve is for everyone to understand that Language Arts is more than a school subject. She believes that it’s more of a skill that people can use in the future. She would also love for everyone to pass, so operation graduation is definitely a go.

Ms. Brasher has been such an influential teacher in my high school career, but don’t take my word for it. “She’s the sweetest person ever!”, says Stephanie Velez. Student Jenypher Mayen thinks Ms. Brasher is “a genuine, kind hearted, loving person”.

Overall, Ms. Brasher has made a huge impact on Discovery students’ lives. If any student in the future has Ms. Brasher as a teacher, you will not be disappointed.