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Quality Auto Repair with the Nice Difference!

Who knew that getting your car repaired could be so easy and convenient? Brian Klaubert did. He owns and operates two of the three Christian Brothers Automotive franchises in Gwinnett County (Suwanee and Dacula––Kevin Cronic owns the Grayson location), and is doing his best to make your car and your driving life run a lot more smoothly.

“We would like to lead the automotive industry into the modern era of the customer experience,” says Brian who points to other businesses that put people and their busy schedules ahead of everything else.

“It’s about communication, transparency, and convenience.”

How does Christian Brothers deliver on those three lofty goals? It starts as soon as you drive up, hand them the keys, and say, “My car’s making a funny noise.”

Upon check-in, they’ll send you a text message confirming that service is about to begin, and that includes a courtesy inspection of the entire vehicle. Then, throughout the process you’ll receive status updates by text and/or e-mail: what the technicians have found, how much it’s going to cost, and when it’s ready to go. The status report is prioritized by items that require urgent attention and those that need future attention, along with a list of everything else that checked out just fine.

Whatever work needs to be done is completely up to the customer, who, without having to waste time in a waiting room or sit by the phone, has not only read, but seen what condition their vehicle is in.

“We’re taking pictures of what we’re recommending,” says Brian. “This is a picture from your car of the current condition. We can even include videos.”

Car repairs are stressful enough without worrying whether a mechanic is being honest. With that constant and detailed communication––problem solved.

“We’re not trying to take away anyone’s business,” says Brian. “Car repair is expensive and each of us deserves to go to a place that provides an experience that we want.”

And who would not want an experience that educates the customer, keeps them in the loop, and puts their needs first?

Convenience doesn’t stop with text messages and e-mails. Christian Brothers also provides shuttle service, vehicle delivery, and the ability to pay by phone. Want to drop off your vehicle before the shop opens and pick it up late at night? Can do.

“We do a lot of transactions where we never speak to the person,” says Brian. But when they do speak face-to-face with their customers, the staff at Christian Brothers is friendly, helpful, and trustworthy.

Of course, you may go through the whole car repair experience without darkening the doors of the place, but then you’d miss out on the finely appointed waiting room equipped with free wi-fi, coffee, and homemade cookies on the counter.

There may have been a time when the “Check Engine” light came on and you had your day destroyed by the inconvenience of a car repair. It was an all-too-familiar scene that’s still played out. However…

“It’s not what the current state-of-the-art consumer experience is,” says Brian. “So Christian Brothers is trying to change that.”

565 Peachtree Industrial Blvd · Suwanee GA 30024

Hamilton Mill
2770 Braselton Hwy · Dacula GA 30019

2547 Loganville Hwy · Grayson GA 30017