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Turning the Tables

Brauns Law’s David Brauns puts his experience working for insurance companies to work for his clients.

David Brauns and his wife, Kaori, were at home one night watching a movie in which a man had been hurt in a work-related accident. A heartless lawyer from the injured employee’s company showed up at the hospital to insist they weren’t at fault.

Kaori was disgusted. “Can you believe that?”

That’s when it hit David. He told her, “I’m that guy.”

Indeed he was, as an attorney working on behalf of insurance companies. “I realized at that point it was time to get out.”

But those six years on the other side served David well, giving him inside information that he now uses to serve his injured clients.

“I learned how insurance companies think,” says David. “And now we flip it.”

He always knew he wanted to do plaintiff’s work and above all, he wanted to help people.

“For us, it’s not about fast money, it’s about service. Everything we do is completely service-driven. It’s about fixing problems. The process produces the results.”

Brauns Law clients can count on speaking with the guy whose name is on the door. Among some other local firms, that’s unusual. “I want to be in the office early,” says David. “I want to be the first one in, last one out. I’m always here.”

That work ethic started at an early age in Maryland when at 14, he was forced, through family misfortune, to earn his keep, to buy his own clothes, to pay his way: dishwasher, busboy, demolition work, whatever it took.

Though lawyers ran through his mom’s side of the family, David was never forced into the law life. The advice he got from Mom: “Figure out what you want to do; as long as you’re happy.”

That’s why the route to his own law office and career fulfillment was not the norm. An English major at Clemson with a minor in business administration, David started his professional career as a software engineer. But stories he heard from his mom’s lawyerly side of the family during holiday gatherings changed everything.

“They were discussing cases and about how they were helping those in need.” David knew then that his life was headed in a different direction.

But there remains a bit of the software coder in how he approaches his work today. The office runs like a tech firm. Virtual case files allow easy, remote access to complete client files. The office is organized, paperless, and allows David’s staff to react more quickly in response to clients’ needs. Primary among those needs: compensation and service. Money comes when a case is wrapped up; it’s the efficient service along the way that’s led to referrals, which make up forty percent of David’s business, business with a heart for his community.

“We’re all about Gwinnett,” says David, whose firm also offers college scholarships to the most in need Gwinnett high schools.

The ads you’ve seen––“Bank on Brauns”––are not only about compensation for injuries, but about dependability in times of need. As David says, “You can bank on us. We’re going to take care of it. You have nothing to worry about.”

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