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Questions about Dental Implants?

For many of us, dental implants are a new concept and one that naturally brings questions. But while the need for an implant may be a new situation for you, it’s a time-tested option for dental professionals.

Modern dental implants have been used since the 1970s, with constant improvements in shape, design and fusion with the jaw bone. Implants are made of titanium because of its biocompatibility and the fact that it bonds readily to the body’s own bone and to various bone grafting materials used in the process.

Can I have implants if I have no teeth and have had dentures for years?
Yes! The standard being taught in dental schools is the placement of two or four implants in the lower jaw, supporting a new denture.

Can I get rid of my dentures and have something “fixed” in my mouth that I don’t have to remove?
Yes! In a case like this, six to eight implants would be placed in both the top and lower arch. Then, crowns and bridges would be created and cemented in place.

Why is an implant a better option than a bridge?
If you’re missing one or two teeth, an implant(s) is the preferred option for two reasons. First, you are not violating the adjacent teeth. Second, the implant mimics a tooth root, so the bone will stay healthy in that area and won’t continue to resorb or shrink, like
it does under a bridge.

Are implants expensive?
It depends on how you look at it. A bridge is usually replaced two to three times over a patient’s lifetime because it begins trapping food, leading to decay. These teeth often end up with a root canal as well. While an implant is initially more expensive, it saves money in the long run.

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