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Real-World Nursing

For every healthcare professional, theres that moment of truthwhen its time to apply what you learned in the classroom, in the clinic, in the OR to a real-life patient care situation. For nurses, these are the moments that drew them to the profession the chance to touch a life through their care.

But making the transition from the classroom to the hospital room doesnt happen overnight. Its a process that requires the knowledge and support of experienced teachers, mentors and peers in a real-world- training program.

Eastside Medical Centers Nurse Residency curriculum supports new graduates during the transition to the nursing profession in a hospital environment. An affiliate of HCA Healthcare (Hospital Corporation of America), Eastside Medical Center elevates the practice of nursing across a global footprint with a multitude of professional development opportunities upon graduating the nurse residency. Participants benefit from mentorship from experiences with nurse leaders and tailored nursing career progression pathways.

Many nurses can easily recall the clinical protocols learned in school, but they do not know what to expect when navigating interactions with patients and families. Nurse residents are able to practice simulations that replicate real life scenarios while getting acclimated with their team and equipment in a supportive environment. Opportunities are available in numerous nursing specialties including emergency care, critical care, behavioral health, rehabilitation, neuroscience, orthopedics, surgical services and womens services.

Eastside Medical Center accepts four
nurse residency cohorts throughout
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The residency program at Eastside provides our students a seamless transition to a professional nursing practice. Students are able to apply the professional and leadership skills learned in the baccalaureate program immediately in their professional practice through the residency program. They learn to collaborate, communicate and investigate evidence-based practice and immediately demonstrate these principles when completing their residency research posters.

Unique to the residents experience is the daily exposure to Eastsides leadership team. The students often comment how they feel connected and valued at Eastside not only by colleagues but also by administration. Eastside is a strong supporter of nursing education in Gwinnett County and has evidenced this through continual, transparent dialogue between the education institutions and Eastside.