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Transforming Neurosurgery Care

With their recently reformed neurosurgery program that delivers the latest advancements in neurosurgical care, Eastside Medical Center is transforming the way neurosurgery care is managed. Eastsides team of neurosurgical experts focus on delivering VIP patient care in a luxury environment. Neurosurgical patients experience the comfort of the hospitals newly renovated joint and spine unit, which includes 17 private rooms, a specialized nursing staff, comprehensive therapy gym with one-on-one therapy, and a private dining room with chef-selected meals.

Dr. Michael T. Stechison is the Medical Director of Neurosurgery at Eastside Medical Center and leads the newly reformed neurosurgical program at the hospital. For nearly 30 years, patients have placed their trust in Dr. Stechison.

Ensuring the needs of the patient come first is the mission of my practice, stated Dr. Stechison. The program at Eastside Medical Center provides leading edge neurosurgical care of adult brain and spinal disorders. Our priority is to deliver the highest technical quality and individualized patient-centered care.

Neurosurgical and spinal conditions treated at Eastside Medical Center include, but are not limited to, brain tumors, acoustic neuromas, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm, cranial nerve disorders, minimally invasive spine surgery, and complex spinal instrumentation.

Eastside provides surgical excellence with an emphasis on positive patient outcome and is committed to continually advancing their neurosurgery services as medical research progresses. Eastsides extensive neurosurgery care team and network of specialists ensures that the comprehensive scope of the patients healthcare journey can be fully addressed.

Dr. Stechison just treated me for a meningioma tumor on my left optic nerve and carotid artery. The outcome of my surgery was wonderful, and Dr. Stechison was by far the best surgeon I have ever hadI truly love that man! He provided me excellent service, and the staff was great. I chose to drive from where I live in Albany, Georgia to be treated by Dr. Stechison, as he also removed a meningioma I had in 2005.

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