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School of Education: Reggie Hairston

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GGC’s School of Education prepares students to become certified teachers in a number of areas, including special education, early childhood education and specialty subjects such as history, political science, mathematics, English, chemistry and biology. Students graduating from these programs find themselves prepared to step immediately into their teaching careers, often in Gwinnet County Public Schools (GCPS).

Integrated instruction ensures that GGC education students can effectively address all areas of the curriculum when they become teachers, while field-based courses give them extensive practice in a wide range of strategies for teaching and managing their classrooms.

Data-based decision-making enables GGC graduates to evaluate the quality of instruction and assess student progress.

A strong partnership with GCPS means GGC’s teacher education programs address the real-world needs of today’s teachers and schools.

The School of Education offers the following bachelor of science degrees in education:

Early Childhood Education   //   Special Education

Reggie Hairston ‘17

With both parents as educators, you might say teaching is in Reggie Hairston’s blood. Hairston is one of the first graduates of GGC’s special education paraprofessional program in the School of Education, a partnership between GGC and Gwinnett County Public Schools. The program allows non-traditional students like Reggie the ability to work fulltime during the day and take class at night, vitally important to this father of two. Reggie is an interrelated resource teacher at Grayson High School. He co-teaches Algebra I courses for both general and special education students and is a basketball coach. “Education is rewarding, with small victories every day. We know we make a difference for our students,” says Reggie.