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School of Health Sciences: Sarah Kim

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The School of Health Sciences provides students with the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing, one of the few programs in the metro Atlanta area. On-campus learning labs and collaborations with medical partners give future nurses real-world experience, ensuring graduates are work-ready.

Students in Georgia Gwinnett’s health science program are equipped with vital competencies necessary to provide evidence-based care and to be leaders in a dynamic and complex health care system. An integrated educational experience with use of technology offers students the opportunity to work within interprofessional teams and further develop their intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and occupational dimensions.

The program emphasizes the importance of high academic standards, integrity, ethics, social responsibility and life-long learning in global health care. Georgia Gwinnett College’s School of Health Sciences is recognized as a premier provider of health care professionals for the community.

Sarah Kim ‘17

Sarah Kim uses one word to explain her years as a nursing student at Georgia Gwinnett College: “Amazing!” She was able to lean on friends, faculty and staff to help her along the way – even when she considered withdrawing from the nursing program after a house fire. “I received enormous amounts of love and care throughout my hardships and I was able to pull through with the support I was given at GGC,” Kim stated. “I also learned how to succeed emotionally and mentally along the nursing career route.” The School of Health Sciences unique “teach back” method helps students like Kim develop their weaknesses into strengths. Less than one month after her graduation, Kim began her career as a registered nurse with a local medical facility.