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School of Liberal Arts: Carla Williams & Micaih Ruiz

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The School of Liberal Arts (SLA) provides students with an innovative curriculum that spans 24 different concentrations, from writing for stage and screen to criminology to comparative politics and more. The SLA’s multi-disciplinary approach to learning provides lots of options for exploring interests in history, politics, literature, psychology and criminal justice. GGC faculty have a passion for helping students create special capstone experiences, real-world internships and service projects that put academic theories to practice.

Students in the School of Liberal Arts have interned in the White House and State Legislature and have written for newspapers.

Cinema and Media Arts Production
Criminal Justice/Criminology
Human Development and Aging Services
Political Science

Criminal Justice/Criminology
Political Science
Religious Studies

Latin American Studies

Carla Williams ‘17 & Micaih Ruiz ‘17

GGC graduates Carla Williams and Micaih Ruiz have a lot in common. Both political science majors, the women enrolled at Georgia Gwinnett later in life. Their children are of similar ages. Both are the first members of their families to earn degrees and both were admitted to GGC as presidential exceptions, a program for students who might not be admitted elsewhere. Both women were admitted after appealing their initial denial and they worked tremendously hard to maximize this second chance. “GGC taught me to find value in myself, and my professors helped me understand what I wanted for my life,” says Micaih. “I know there are others out there who are scared and who have poor grades. If I can do it, they can too,” advises Carla.