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Sharp Studies! Top 9 Study Apps for Students

Written by Jaiden Arada, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Cherokee Bluff High School

I surveyed 18 teenagers to try and find the most useful studying apps for teenagers. The results definitely varied, but it was interesting to see what everyone had to say about each of the apps. Explore this helpful list apps that students recommend!

One of the most highly recommended amongst the students, Quizlet is a study help app. It is an online flashcard app that helps you take your flashcards wherever you need to take them. There are games and learning techniques embedded within the app that can help students learn the terms that they put in. I personally love this app and it helps out so many people.

The app known as Canvas helps students have all of their course content in one place. It is mainly used by teachers to upload assignments but students find it helpful because of its organized style. Meghan, one of our surveyed students, says that Canvas is “where teachers update all our assignments.” It makes for great learning online and allows for communication with teachers.

A collaborative learning app that is very popular amongst students and teachers is Kahoot. Kahoot is a game where the teachers pull up the website on their projectors and students enter in a code on their devices. Then, the questions are on the projector and the students must answer on their individual devices. The catch is, it is a competition amongst the students of who can answer the questions first. Winners are usually awarded in the class. It makes a fun learning experience for the students! I love it!

I have personally used this app during the pandemic and afterwards. Powered by Google, Socratic is an app that lets students look up questions and get scholarly articles as results. Socratic filters nonsense and only gives students what they need. It searches keywords to help look through scholarly articles and find what the students need. You can type, scan or speak the question and Socratic will interpret it to give the best results.

If you’re someone who struggles with math like myself, the app PhotoMath will help you out! With the scanning technology, if you scan your problem, it will give you a step-by-step process on how to solve it. The steps are in-depth including explanations and with the premium subscription, it will help out with even more complex problems. It has helped me understand how to solve equations when I did not understand what my teachers were teaching. I would highly recommend it!

Infinite Campus
This one is more for teachers, but students benefit from the app as well. Infinite Campus is an online gradebook that students have viewing access to. The students can monitor their grades and help them keep track of everything. The app also allows for students to see an unofficial transcript and look at their cafeteria balance. It is helpful to keep track of everything all on one app.

While this may seem like an odd app for scholarly studying, Spotify can actually be a helpful app for a large sum of students. Spotify is a music and podcast app that listeners pay for a subscription to have unlimited access. The app has an option for calming music which can help students focus, or educational podcasts which allow for a learning experience. Depending on the way the app is used, it can be helpful to students.

Foreign languages can be tough for many people and finding resources to help move the learning process along can be tricky. Duolingo is a great starting point. Duolingo is a free language learning app that has a variety of languages to choose from. The learning process starts out very simple and progresses at the rate that the student chooses. It starts at simple vocab and moves into more advanced sentence comprehension. Duolingo is a great way to learn a new language.

This one may start with the teachers, but can definitely help students. Remind is a messaging app between students and teachers that allows for open communication. The premise is teachers send mass text messages to students reminding them about upcoming due dates. Whether that be for quick homework assignments or upcoming tests, the Remind app sends a notification through the app and through your messages. It is a great REMINDer.