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Simply Done Doughnuts!

Gwinnett Magazine interns share what makes their personal “Best of Gwinnett” list – from Zarah Punjwani, Peachtree Ridge High School

Located at Duluth’s Parsons Alley, Simply Done Donuts make their cake-style donuts from scratch on and pile them up with your choice of toppings and icings. To further sweeten the deal, they offer the option to add a scoop of local vanilla ice cream on top of your hot minis to create your own donut sundae.

Apple pie and strawberry cheesecake are the top sellers. Customers picking up doughnuts for the office often buy a 24-count of doughnuts. Mrs. Norfleet, the founder of Simply Done Doughnuts, states that customers often tell her that the coffee is not as “burnt” as coffee from chain competitors. “The quality is better,” she said. “They like local. I’m finding that more and more people really appreciate supporting other local businesses.”

Cold brew coffees are expected to be popular this summer, she said. A short-term goal is to introduce breakfast sandwiches.

“I LOVE donuts!” says Mrs. Norfleet. “I love donuts so much, in fact, that it was the first word I ever spoke as a child. Seriously! That should tell you how much pride and hard work I put into making a damn good donut.”

“We make our cake-style mini donuts using high-quality dough and pile them up with your choice of fun toppings like Butterfinger, Oreo, fruits, cereals, and loads more,” she explains.

Mrs. Norfleet says it was April 2015 when they launched their donut wagon offering all these sweet items. “We roamed the streets of ATL at all the major festivals and food truck nights to get our feet wet and test the waters. Thanks to you, two years later, we are opening our first brick and mortar- the only mini donut shop in ATL.”

The fun won’t stop there. The sweet shop will offer Donut Milkshakes (yes! they actually blend the donuts into vanilla ice cream), gourmet coffee drinks, and floats.

“DONUT WORRY! There is something for everyone!”

Simply Done Doughnuts is the best place in Gwinnett and a common hangout place for many GCPS students. My first run-in with them was at Ridge Run, where they came out in their AMAZING food truck to sell doughnuts to the finished runners. My personal favorite is the Old Dirty Bird and Smorelicious, paired with an Iced Caramel Macchiato. Make sure to share your support and go try them out!