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Why Do You Relay?

The halls of North Gwinnett High School are buzzing as the school begins to introduce one of its biggest campaigns ever, Relay For Life. As many people know, Relay For Life is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting funds to support research for cancer treatments.

The Relay For Life campaign exists in nearly every school, but North is proud to say that for the last three years, North Gwinnett has been the number one school to donate funds to the campaign in the nation- over $100,000 in one school year!

North launched its most prestigious campaign with a pep rally for all the students. Marching band, cheerleaders and Relay students put on quite a show for all their peers as they introduced a worthy cause. Whether a family member or a friend, the pep rally brought upon many bittersweet emotions in the room. Many were in tears as a teacher from North Gwinnett middle school, a fighter, told her heart-wrenching story of battling breast cancer.

Each year, the school holds many events to raise money for Relay. In the past, they have held a faculty versus students basketball game with a ticketed price of $2 per person. That game alone raised over two thousand dollars as the students cheered and swayed to the cheerleaders’ pom-poms. Members of the club take it upon themselves to collect their own funds as they bake goodies to sell to the students and make handmade bracelets to sell in the classrooms. After all, every dollar counts.

Perhaps one of the most memorable and exciting events that NGHS Relay hosts is the annual 5k Color Run. The event is usually held in March where colored powder and water is thrown at the students as they run their 5K. Each year, students line up at the ticket stands and anxiously wait for the fun day to arrive.

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