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Socialize Safely, Celebrate Creatively! How to Throw a Parking Lot Party

Written by Gracie Greer, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Sugar Hill Christian Academy

The continued rise of COVID has left extroverts (and even some introverts) frantically searching for means of safely satisfying their longing for social interaction. House parties, sporting events and even restaurants can become risky places to socialize. However, this unique era has given rise to a new form of socializing: the parking lot party.

When you hear “parking lot party” your mind may jump to a tailgate for football or one of those truck meets that teenagers seem to be so into these days. However, parking lot parties go beyond the common Goodwill truck meet or Georgia Bulldog tailgate. Back when quarantine regulations were still heavy, people had to get creative when celebrating birthdays or hosting special events. There wasn’t enough room inside for everyone to follow social distancing and many public places were shut down. That only left one solution: parking lot parties.

For the vast majority of people, the quarantine that began on March 13, 2020, would mark the first quarantine of their lifetime. It would also be the first year that they might have to spend their birthdays in isolation. Luckily, there was still hope for all the partiers out there. Many have devised creative ways to celebrate while staying safe at the same time. Lawn chairs, hand sanitizer, masks and party hats became the new quarantine party necessities. Between hilarious conversations and making the best of what you’ve got, these birthday parties are arguably one of the most fun parties you will ever go to.

However, the parking lot adventures didn’t end with birthday parties. Church services, sunset viewings, homecoming dances, lightsaber battles and reunions would soon also be held in parking lots. Looking back on your memories from the past couple years, think of how many of them wouldn’t have been made if it wasn’t for the social creativity you developed during the pandemic. Even as restrictions have lightened up, some may still find themselves favoring parking lot parties over the standard indoor party.

With the existence of the omicron variant, parking lot parties may become popular again. However, there are so many different ways to get creative. Halloween parking lot parties can still include candy, costumes and games. Trunk or treats have always been a popular event, and those are be held in parking lots by default. Birthday parties for all ages can be held in the parking lot with many fun festivities like water balloon fights, photoshoots and dance parties.

Whatever the occasion, you can still have a good time while protecting your health. There are plenty of safe activities that you can participate in in a parking lot. Grab some friends, get creative and be prepared to make some of your best memories yet!