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Sound Smart! 6 Innovative Smart Speakers that Make Great Gifts

They’re our virtual assistants, personal DJs, task managers and more who go by “Alexa,” “Siri” and “Echo.” Smart speakers do so much more than blast our favorite tunes or tell us the temperature outside… They’re designed to make info a little more accessible hands-free, make our lives a little more convenient and make our homes a little more lively!

There are so many innovative features with the newest generation of smart speakers, from high-res screens designed for family video calls to enhanced surround sound to water resistance. Here’s the rundown of the six latest and greatest gift-worthy smart speakers so you can start turning your humble abode into an all-out smart home!

Sonos One | $219
This powerful Sonos speaker pairs rich, premium sound with built-in Amazon Alexa. Connect it with your other smart devices and control your smart home with simple voice commands. Plus, it’s humidity-resistant so you can even put it in the bathroom!

Amazon Echo Show 10 | $250
This bad boy is taking smart devices to the next level. Its 10.1” HD screen lets you make video calls, watch your favorite shows, display your photos, and more. It even has motion sensing, so it moves to keep you centered in-frame on video calls.

Google Nest Audio | $99
The Nest brings great bang for your buck, with dynamic, room-filling sound and compatibility with nearly any smart device.With five fresh colors to choose from, this speaker is a perfect fit for any room.

Apple HomePod Mini | $99
Siri isn’t just a trusty phone assistant – she can also help you out around the house! The new HomePod is revolutionizing smart speakers, with a spunky, modern design and spatial awareness that custom adapts its sound in each room of the house.

More mini options!
What these may lack in extra features, they make up for in cuteness and shelf space!

Amazon Echo Dot | $50

Google Nest Mini | $49