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South Gwinnett Comets Take on the Central Gwinnett Knights

Friday, August 18, was a day that every student at South Gwinnett was anticipating all week. Starting at 5:30, students from each grade level flocked to the senior parking lot, building excitement for the first home football game of the year.

Music and laughter spilled from the lot, spreading positivity and good cheer down the whole block. Each student was dressed in Hawaiian themed shirts and sporting grass skirts for the Luau themed game taking place that evening.

Morale and support for the team stayed high as the game unfolded, chanting and cheering trumping any noise coming from the visitor’s section. The South student section stayed vocal about their support for their players, constantly chanting the infamous “Hail South!”

The game, unfortunately, ended with a score of 28-24 with Central being the victor. The dreaded yellow flag shut down the potential tying touchdown, but the support from the student section didn’t waver as students still screamed how proud they were of their boys.

From one game alone it was clear to any spectator that South Gwinnett’s Comet Crazies were loud and proud of their school’s football team, and they will remain to be for the rest of the season.

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