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Love Gwinnett: Words Matter

Words matter so you might as well make them good ones!

Local entrepreneur David Greer and his firm have long been storytellers of good news in Gwinnett.” Gwinnett Magazine was founded on the premise of spreading good news. And after twenty years in publication, “I’m proud of the fact it’s still what we do. We’re the good news people.” says Greer.

His marketing firm has also been involved in creating projects and initiatives that inspire and motivate in the community for years.

“I find that doing work like our Heroes Project, and Faith On!, bring the most reward. I like to see words change thoughts and motivate people.” That was the motivation behind creating the Success Lives Here campaign and is also what’s driving the firm’s latest initiative called #LoveGwinnett.

“We’re just trying to spread the love and bring people together along a common thread. I want us to be like the Red Cross of good news. Whenever we see and hear bad news, we want to come back with good news. Positive thinking. Let’s see if we can’t illuminate the heart and compassion I know to be the backbone of our community.”

The message is pretty simple. Be Positive. Buy Local. Help Others. “If we can focus on those things here at home, a whole lot of problems will get taken care of.” says Greer.

If you see some good news, or have good news to share, just use social media and hashtag it with the #LoveGwinnett tag.

“Positive thinking is contagious so let’s all do our part. We’ve got signs, bumper stickers and all types of #LoveGwinnett goodies we’re giving away to help locals show their support.” To get more info on the Love Gwinnett Initiative, you can shoot an email to