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Spring Favorites in Gwinnett

Spring is my favorite season. With that comes more daylight, more rain, warmer weather, flowers and trees blooming, and more time for friends and hanging out.

The only real downside of spring is pollen. When I have the time and don’t spend the entire weekend inside my house, I like to go over to my friend’s house and spend a few days there. They live close by the South Gwinnett District, so the trek to their house is not long. We’ve known each other since the 4th grade so their house is always a first choice in any season, but going there Is more fun in the spring because of the nice weather to go outside and play basketball or walk to the Dollar General to stock up on snacks.

With spring’s warm weather, taking casual walks/runs becomes more tolerable and even nice. I like to run for fun, so finding place to run and a route to follow are a priority and that’s why I like going to Lenora Park. It is a vast park with facilities, as well as large open areas and a trail that spans more than a mile. Jogging on Lenora Park’s trail is a nice, calming experience and a good de-stressor. The playgrounds there are nice for children to have fun and run around. If you have a dog, the dog park is a great way to either relax, get exercise, or train with your four-legged friend. The park includes structures for them to run over and through.

Another thing I like to do is roller skate and I have a favorite place. The roller rink Sparkles off of Grayson Highway is always a fun time for me. The smell of the skates, the wind rushing past me as I glide across the floor, the music guiding me as I push a little faster and take each turn a little tighter_ it feels great. Watching those far more advanced than I, filling me with both envy and a sense of motivation to try some more advanced maneuvers, when the ring is less crowded of course, gets my blood pumping and legs moving. That feeling of wobbly knees and unstable steps when you take off your skates for the first time in hours makes me smile because I know I had another great time.

I don’t go out often, preferring to be in the comfort of my home watching television and YouTube all day, but when I do, those are my go to places in Gwinnett County.