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Springtime: The Earth’s Birthday!

Written by Micah Xu, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Junior at Gwinnett School of Math, Science & Technology (GSMST)

With spring coming so soon, it’s only natural that it heralds a few things. There are some springtime favorites like flowers, new leaves on trees, the warm sun and cool air, and many other things that make us just want to jump outside with a cold glass of sweet tea and relax. Of course, sometimes it feels like for every good, there is an equal and opposite bad. Say “Welcome back!” to pollen, mosquito bites, inconsistent Georgia weather and April showers. With all these good and bad things for people around the U.S., there is always one thing that remains true for everybody, regardless of culture.

Spring brings new beginnings.

Now, as for why spring is so closely associated with rebirth and fresh starts, it is easy to see why. Spring comes right after winter, and so all of the dead things (i.e. plants and insects) tend to look like they come back to life right as spring is in full swing. If even the bugs and plants are getting excited and coming back to life for spring, why shouldn’t we humans do so too? Winter represents death and stillness because of the cold, so, just like Jesus on Easter Sunday, it only makes sense that right after the season of death would come the season of rebirth.

In addition, spring historically has always been the time of year that crops that have flowering parts like trees and other plants that form fruits tend to bloom. When plants flower and bloom, it means that they are getting ready to make more of themselves, make more plants with the very same pollen that tends to invade our noses. So not only is spring the time that the trees get their leaves back and the grass becomes green again; it is also when things like plants and insects reproduce.

Overall, spring is a season that brings as many blessings as it does curses (I’m looking at you, mosquitos), but one thing that cannot be denied is how we as humans have depicted it. It is the time of rebirth, the season of Easter and the season of new starts, but in the end…

Your spring is what you make it!