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Sprint and Peachtree Corners Create Smart City Transportation Lab

Sprint and Peachtree Corners are partnering to build an intelligent vehicle test track, which will feature Sprint’s low-latency 5G technology combined with Curiosity IoT and micro-positioning.

“CuriosityTM Lab at Peachtree Corners,” a real-world laboratory, will consist of a 1.5-mile test track constructed within the 500-acre Technology Park.

Launching in the spring, the track will be used to develop and test self-driving shuttles as well as act as a test bed for advanced vehicles and IoT services.

Peachtree Corners and Sprint will create a state-of-art living transportation laboratory that will allow new intelligent mobility technologies to be tested and evaluated in real-world driving conditions.

In the coming months, work will begin to re-configure Technology Parkway, which runs from Spalding Drive to Peachtree Parkway into four lanes – two outer lanes for the AV test track and the inner two lanes for automobiles. The test track will be separated from the road used by vehicles by bollards and signage.