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Storm-Damaged Roof? Call Accent Roofing.

Making sure you have a roof in good working order is one of the central imperatives of home ownership. Storms – whether hailstorms or the occasional tropical-force winds from a hurricane – don’t make this job any easier.

Accent Roofing is there for you. Accent Roofing Service was founded as a full-service residential roofing company in 1989 by Tom Scribbins, who remains president of the company.

The company’s storm repair services include:

  • Free & thorough inspection of roof for storm damage
  • Inspection covers roof shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods, vent stacks, chimney caps & chimneys
  • Free estimates for all recommended roof repairs
  • Prompt, expert repair and/or replacement of storm-damaged roof elements

Accent has over 3,000 jobs under warranty, including some 1,800 full roofs and about 1,200 repairs. Because of its commitment to providing the best possible service and to using only the best installers, Accent has been able to expand its service area to include not only greater Atlanta, but Athens and Savannah as well.