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The Lions Roar for our Troops

The Peachtree Ridge High School Lions hosted the football game against the Newton Rams on Fri., Sept. 8. This home game was incredibly special since it was dedicated to the brave troops that protect our country. Everyone in the stands was wearing army green, the cheerleaders were wearing the blue, white, and red uniforms, and our spirit leaders made sure to show off the American flag. It was quite memorable.

The week before the game, everyone made sure to buy the shirts sold at the cafeteria that were an army green color and had a soldier on them. This was a way of encouragement not only for the Lions, but for those who serve our country as well.

Students were quite loud in the stands as they experienced this thrilling game. The Lions really put up a fight against the Rams. There was no scoring during the first quarter, but the Lions did manage a 34-yard field goal attempt that was unfortunately blocked. The Lions then performed better during the last three quarters. They scored a total of 28 points for the night which is better than they have done in the past few games. The Rams took the victory with a total of 47 points and will be facing one of the best teams in the state next Friday.

Peachtree Ridge’s Lions put up a great and entertaining fight in honor of our troops which was the main purpose. Next Friday Night Lights, the Lions will have a showdown against the Discovery Titans. We are sure they will do a great job.