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Suwanee’s Newest Mural Rocks!

Suwanee Town Center just installed a brand-new addition to their permanent art collection. Local muralist Kim Pitts donated his piece, “Suwanee Rocks,” to the city of Suwanee. The vibrant mural features all of the greatest rock music legends from Jimmy Hendrix to Elvis to Elton John.

Pitts was inspired to approach the city about displaying his artwork after he noticed an open space on the Town Center Stage.

“I pass Suwanee all the time during my daily travels, and I saw that the city really committed itself to the arts. I’ve always loved the amphitheater and wanted to do a piece for it,” said Pitts.

The colorful 5’ x 10’ mural is now a permanent fixture at Suwanee Town Center that reflects the city’s fun and energetic atmosphere.

Learn more about Pitts and his work at To find more information about the City of Suwanee’s public art initiative, visit