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The 5th Annual Red, Blue & You

As we all know, 2020’s challenges have required every member of our community to pitch in and make a difference, especially our healthcare workers and educators. These frontline workers go above and beyond when it comes to putting others first and making sure that everyone gets the care they deserve. That’s why this year’s Red, Blue & You – an event created to honor Gwinnett County’s public safety officials – also gave special recognition to our dedicated healthcare workers and teachers.

Raymer Sale Jr., founder of E2E Insurance, knows that first responders put it all on the line every single day in order to protect and care for the members of the community. He created the first Red, Blue & You event back in 2016, as an opportunity to celebrate every Gwinnett public safety official and to make sure that their heroic work doesn’t go unrecognized.

This year’s event marked Red, Blue & You’s fifth annual celebration and it was held in the open-air Buford Football Stadium. All of the participating departments across Gwinnett County met, with masks and social distancing measures intact, to be recognized and to recognize each other’s unwavering commitment to serving others during this unusual time.

It was Gwinnett County Police Chief Brett West and Raymer Sale, Jr. who decided to showcase their support for healthcare workers by creating large displays of thankfulness at local area hospitals, right from the beginning of the pandemic. Throughout the year, different departments of law enforcement and fire and safety organizations have continued to help give healthcare workers their support and recognition they deserve.

“The front line this year is made up of our healthcare workers and teachers. Day in and day out, these brave men and women are combatting COVID-19 head-on in our classrooms and hospitals. It’s these folks that are carrying the load for our community” shared Chief Brett West of Gwinnett County Police Department.

The event was hosted by local business owners and began with a short honor ceremony followed by free boxed lunches for these community heroes and their families. The public also came out to show their support and check out all of the fire trucks and police vehicles on display, including a Gwinnett helicopter!

Thinking about our teachers, healthcare workers, and first responders and doing what we can to thank them is something that we could all do more of, especially in this season of Thanksgiving. It’s too often that we forget their service until we need them, sometimes at the worst moments of our lives. Knowing how inspiring and motivating a “Thank you” can be, Raymer’s Red Blue & You initiative exists to make much of those who rarely make much of themselves.

“Red, Blue, and You is dedicated to supporting our community heroes. Our healthcare workers and educators are certainly part of the hero group alongside all of our public safety community heroes.” Raymer Sale Jr.

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