Guven’s Fine Jewelry stands as a testament to timeless elegance and a personal touch. It’s a place where each sparkle in the showcase reflects a story, and every customer walks out feeling like part of a larger family story that’s been woven through the years.

Highlighted in the Guide to Gwinnett, a cornerstone publication by The Gwinnett Magazine, Guven’s Fine Jewelry is recognized not just for its lustrous inventory but also for the principles of quality and care deeply embedded in its foundation.

“Our longevity is down to one thing—value,” the owner shares. “People in Gwinnett come to us for the assurance of premium jewelry, the best prices, and stellar service. That’s what the Guven family promises.”

From the fiery brilliance of diamonds to the serene allure of pearls, from the heft of gold to the delicacy of intricate chains, Guven’s offers a world of choice. Their vast selection meets the varied needs and desires of Buford’s community, marking moments from the joyous to the solemn.

At Guven’s, the old-world charm of custom jewelry design finds harmony with cutting-edge technology. The store boasts in-house capabilities to cast and finish unique pieces, ensuring that your jewelry is not just purchased but personally crafted.

“Our clients cherish the fact that we can transform their visions into tangible art,” the owner remarks. “And they find comfort in knowing that for every repair, creation, or restoration, we handle their treasures with care and precision.”

Whether it’s a cherished heirloom in need of restoration, a diamond longing to be set into a modern piece, or a watch that tells more than time, Guven’s commitment to onsite craftsmanship is unwavering. The magic happens right before your eyes, ensuring that the only journey your precious item takes is the transformation into something even more special.

Guven’s Fine Jewelry doesn’t just sell; it serves, it delights, and it remembers—because here, every sparkle is a promise kept, and every visit is a step into a story still unfolding. As the Guide to Gwinnett attests, in Buford, Guven’s doesn’t just set stones; they set standards.


Contact: 678-546-9099

Location: 1790 Mall of Georgia Blvd
Buford, GA 30519