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Unlocking Potential: Notre Dame Academy’s Unique Approach to Individualized Education

Where diversity and innovation thrive side by side, Notre Dame Academy carves out a distinct niche in education. As Georgia’s only pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade Marist Catholic International Baccalaureate school, it offers a unique blend of rigorous academic challenge and a nurturing, faith-driven community.

Here, students are more than learners; they are innovators, thinkers, and future leaders recognized by name and nature. With a diversity rate of fifty-three percent, the school mirrors the world’s mosaic, ensuring students receive not only a top-tier education but also a lesson in the richness of global cultures.

“Our commitment is to truly know and love each child,” says Mrs. Julie Derucki, the Lower School & Middle School Principal, capturing the essence of the school’s mission. “Our small class sizes are key in providing a learning environment where every student is given the attention needed to thrive.”

It’s a significant achievement that Notre Dame Academy has a 100% graduation rate. This accomplishment is not just a statistic; it’s a narrative about a school’s dedication to high standards and student support, a story that The Guide to Gwinnett, curated by The Gwinnett Magazine, proudly tells.

Beyond the traditional subjects, Notre Dame Academy is a place where education extends to life skills. Students are equipped to identify problems, work in teams, listen actively, and present ideas confidently. These capabilities are cultivated within a context that intertwines academic programs with the teachings of the Catholic Church, preparing students to step into the global economy with a mindful presence and a heart tuned to the needs of others.

In the narrative of Gwinnett’s educational landscape, as presented by The Guide to Gwinnett, Notre Dame Academy emerges as a significant chapter. The Guide, known for its comprehensive showcase of local institutions, places the academy in the spotlight not just for its educational prowess but for its commitment to developing well-rounded individuals.

For families looking for an educational space where their children are recognized and their potential maximized, Notre Dame Academy offers a promise. As outlined in The Gwinnett Magazine’s Guide to Gwinnett, it’s a promise of an education that respects individuality, celebrates diversity, and cultivates a global perspective.

As Gwinnett evolves, so does Notre Dame Academy, constantly adapting and advancing to meet the changing needs of its students. It remains an essential part of the county’s narrative, contributing to the growth of its young residents with a steadfast dedication to excellence in education and personal development.

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