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The Gwinnett Magazine Heroes Project 2016

You might wonder why we call them heroes. Each year since 2007, Gwinnett Magazine has profiled cancer survivors, sharing their images and stories on our pages as way to celebrate, encourage and support their journey and their fight against this disease that’s all too present in our lives. By now, our heroes number close to one hundred – friends and neighbors of all ages, battling all types of cancer, embracing a new normal and showing what living with cancer looks like. For us, sharing their stories embodies the phrase ‘a labor of love.’ It’s our honor to celebrate each of them, to learn from them, and to hope that if it was us, we’d be just like them. We could have chosen another term – champion, victor, warrior or idol would have worked. But to us, hero fits best and we think you’ll agree.

Dawn Gober

Gino Vizzi

Laverne Huggins

Chris Clay

Jennifer Potts

Charlie Tanksley

Stephanie Cann

Elena Tate

Scott Schoenthal

Juliana Herrera

Denise Hamm

Cindy Hendler

Tony Velo

Charlotte Maguire

Bobbi Menneg