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The Heroes Project 2017

We’ve been introducing you to Heroes in Gwinnett Magazine since 2009. Men, women and children. Our neighbors, our family, our friends. Remarkable individuals all. We wanted to celebrate survivorship by telling the stories of ordinary people in the extraordinary circumstance of fighting cancer. We wanted to encourage them and honor their journey. Along the way, we’ve been humbled, awed and inspired every year. Our Heroes number almost 100 now. We’ve seen children and teens grow up and adults grow a little older and nothing could make us happier. We hope you enjoy meeting our newest Heroes.

Emily – A Saving Hug

Michael – Dance On

Kim – ‘You Never Expect to Hear Those Words’

Paulette – Too Busy for Cancer

Lisa – ‘God, Use Me’

Karen – ‘You Don’t Have to Stop Your Life’

Brittany – Finding Rewards When Life Throws You a Curve

Scott – One in One Hundred

Corinne – A New Plan

Monica – ‘Everything is a Victory’