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The Power of Digital Learning Days

You look outside and see the first flurries of the year; it’s a complete frenzy outside. One thought immediately runs through your mind, no school. You decide to open up eClass and immediately see assignments being put up. As much as this might seem to bore people, it’s actually beneficial in the long run.

The work may be a lot, but it’s often easy as the material has already been covered in class from the previous day. Learning occurs when some teachers create videos of them talking and teaching that lesson from the day. Other teachers do this but in the form of notes. Students are already used to this method of submitting items as even during school, teachers have students take online assessments and turn in projects on eClass. This is nothing new to us and even seems like a normal day, just submitting assignments.

Sure, teachers give us more work than actual school days. You might even be sitting at one spot for hours, but at least you’ll be occupied during the day. However, the county does provides us with a grace period that allows us to get uncompleted work done in a certain period of time. It’s easy to take breaks whenever things get overwhelming, perhaps to even play in the snow.

On the bright side, students do not have to make up any days of school by adding the dreaded extra 30 minutes or having school extend into our summer break. Digital learning days are fair and they allow students to do as they would in the classroom — kids can still learn and get their assignments done.

Now, I have heard rumors about having a permanent DLD (Digital Learning Day) assigned to school schedules. It would be a good idea as kids have another break from school as long as they are still learning.

Overall, cyber days are a definite boost to learning. It has almost the same effects as school but from the comfort of your home.