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The Freshest of the Fresh at Sprouts

Sprouts grocery store has recently been thriving in Gwinnett County with “the freshest of foods” says employee Laravia. Sprouts located in the Sugarloaf Marketplace has plenty of customers walking through their doors every minute with friendly employees always ready to help, creating a welcoming environment.

Sprouts has great deals on organic and natural foods. Not to mention that Sprouts has also made popular foods really cheap due to their private label house brand. Sprouts has all types of popular organic and specialty foods from cultures all around the world. There’s even a section that allows for a whole adventure in gluten-free eating. Produce prices are amazing and one can shop both for organic and regular produce.

The farmers market truly believes that healthy living is a journey. For this reason, they include foods ranging all the way from sushi to soup. However, my most favorite part about shopping at Sprouts is getting to sample foods before purchasing them. There are always new fruits or vegetables to try, but everyone is always skeptical of a product before they’ve actually tried it. Sprouts has a solution for this: ask to sample produce, nuts, and bin items. This is a win-win situation as customers will be more willing to buy foods outside of their comfort zone.

Shop at your local Sprouts for the “tastiest and freshest food you’ll find.”