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TikTok Made Me Buy It! 9 Quirky, Gift-Worthy Gadgets

We’ve all probably swiped on TikTok long enough to find some pretty weird and wacky products—maybe you’ve even bought one. Sometimes, we just can’t resist that “Add to Cart” button, but are pleasantly surprised to find that the product actually came in handy! Check out these strange (but unexpectedly useful) gadgets that also make great Christmas gifts!

Banana Phone Bluetooth Headset
Forget holding your phone up to your ear—it’s outdated and gets germs on your face. Talk on a piece of fruit instead! Remember that goofy Banana Phone song from the early 2000s? It’s a meme that still carries on today, and now you can be a part of it! Just connect the Banana Phone to your phone’s Bluetooth and you’re all set. It’s a real conversation starter!

VILINICE Mini HD Phone Projector
Who needs a pricey flatscreen when you can just project your phone screen—without sacrificing video quality? That’s right—you just connect your phone through Bluetooth or a USB, mirror your screen, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show! This compact projector is compatible with a wide range of devices and streaming services, boasting HD video quality and high-fidelity stereo speakers. And the best part? It’s just 99 bucks!

Want a pet that’ll brighten your mood without the hassle of taking care of it? How about a fluffy pillow that wags its tail and has a heartbeat? This quirky little robot, Qoobo, is designed to bring comfort and giggles by mimicking natural tail-wagging movements. With seven unique fur colors, it even reacts to your voice and movement. Don’t underestimate this unconventional cuddle buddy!

PopBabies Portable Mini Blender
Think back to all the times in your life you’ve been camping out in the woods or in a kitchen-less hotel room and thought, “I could really go for a smoothie right now.” Maybe a few? Well, there will be more once you try this uber-convenient rechargeable mini blender! Its high-powered motor easily crushes ice, frozen fruit and seeds. It’s kind of like a honey badger: small yet powerful.

Did you know you spend a full 24 hours every year just brushing your teeth? Ok, maybe it’s not a waste of time, but what if you could cut your typical two minutes of brushing time to just 20 seconds—without sacrificing your dental hygiene? With the Y-Brush, you can! It looks like a retainer, and it’s filled with 360° bristles that vibrate just like a sonic toothbrush. It still keeps the ideal brushing time on each tooth, just way more efficiently!

FitDesk All-in-One Workstation Exercise Bike
Are you a true multi-tasker at heart? Well, then this stationary-bike-slash-work-desk-slash-arm-massage-roller was built for you! But seriously, if you’re spending too much time sitting at your desk and not enough time at the gym, it’s a great way to get active while gettin’ things done. This all-in-one work (and workout) station has built-in storage space, a digital workout-tracking display, resistance bands for an arm workout, plus adjustable resistance on the bike.

It’s fun to bring your four-legged sidekick on a hiking adventure or long walk in the park, but carrying an extra water bottle and a clunky dog bowl just ain’t convenient. Especially during this scorching summer, it’s critical to keep your furry friend hydrated and happy. That’s why Aqualeash packs five dog-walking essentials into one compact leash! With a built-in water container, collapsible bowl, waste bag dispenser and double-strength leash, the tail-wagging will never end!

POPAR Custom LED Light Up Backpack
As your kids are growing up, it seems like every year there’s a new theme they’re obsessed and want all their back-to-school gear to match. One year it’s dinosaurs, the next it’s superheroes, then it’s Star Wars. Well, say goodbye to your kids outgrowing their backpack theme with the customizable light up backpack! You can display any video, animation or image imaginable with its compatilble phone app. Plus, it’s water resistant!

UBeesize Adjustable Phone Stand w/ Selfie Ring Light
You’ve spent over a year on Zoom calls and FaceTime’s (probably with some bad lighting and awkward angles along the way), so why not up your selfie and video-calling game? With this all-in-one phone stand, you’ll be the star of your video meetings and live streams! It has a bright ring light with adjustable hues and brightness, a strong clip to attach to any surface and it’s powered by USB.