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Topgolf Has Mall of Georgia Plans

Local Topgolf fans have reason to rejoice as the popular golf range company sets its sights on a local Gwinnett location. After much speculation, it is confirmed that the “golf entertainment complex” proposed to sit in the Exchange at Gwinnett, an in-progress project that spans 64 acres, is indeed none other than famed Topgolf.

At the end of May, the Texas-based company filed permit and applications with the county to secure a location in Buford, right near Coolray Field and the Mall of Georgia. If approved, it’s estimated to take up approximately a little over 14 acres and boast more than 430 parking spaces.

The mixed-use development the golfing complex would reside on has also been approved for hotels, apartments, restaurants and a fitness center among other things.

A widely appreciated golf range in Georgia, Topgolf welcomes people of all ages to play rounds of golf from a raised outdoor area where they can score points by aiming balls into designated holes spaced out before them. Topgolf is known for its fun ambiance with event rooms, lounges, restaurants and bars as added fixtures at its facilities.

Currently, the company has two locations in Georgia: one in Atlanta and the other in Alpharetta, with a recent one announced to debut in Augusta. If the one in Gwinnett comes to fruition, it will be the fourth of the bunch.

Whether the permits and applications will be approved or denied is yet to be seen. Until the final decision is made, Gwinnettians can resume being excited about the wonderful things to come right around the bend in this new mixed-use development so close to home.