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Welcome to the Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast!

Did you know there’s a network of springs under Gwinnett? Ever wondered where Lawrenceville got its name? Or have you heard that the city is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year?

There’s so much to love about the cities we call home, but we often don’t realize the fascinating history behind them. That’s why we’re joining the City of Lawrenceville to bring its interesting stories to light and discuss how the people and events of the past 200 years have turned it into the thriving community it is today.

Introducing the Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast! Every month for the rest of the year, we’ll sit down with Lawrenceville’s accomplished leaders, business owners and residents to hear their perspectives and bring attention to what makes the city special. From its history to its economic development to its exciting future plans, there’s so much to learn as we celebrate this remarkable milestone!

And there’s no one better to kick off the first episode than Lawrenceville’s City Manager Chuck Warbington. A ninth generation Gwinnettian, Chuck’s family first settled here in 1826, just five years after the City of Lawrenceville was incorporated. His extensive experience in civil engineering and years of notable leadership across several Gwinnett organizations have equipped him for the role of City Manager, a position he’s held since 2016.

We sat down with Chuck for a deep dive into Lawrenceville’s history, to discuss Lawrenceville’s booming growth, and to hear about upcoming plans to commemorate the Bicentennial.

Chuck shared his knowledge of Lawrenceville’s early history, from the surprising origin of its name to the various reasons why it was chosen as the hub of Gwinnett County. Even if you’re a lifelong resident of Lawrenceville, you’ll discover many little-known facts and unique stories about the community!

Chuck also gave insight into how Lawrenceville has grown into a unique and thriving community, especially in the past few decades. He also shared future economic development plans to expand the already-impressive community Lawrenceville offers families.

Listen to the full episode with City Manager Chuck Warbington and don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay tuned for our future monthly episodes!

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