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The Best-Kept Secret in Education!

Hey it’s Nate, and I’m out on the road again. Just cruising ‘round this place we call home, showing off what the locals love and the visitors come back for!

Remember growin’ up in school and thinking, “Why am I learning this math? I’m never gonna use it when I grow up.” Or feeling left behind ‘cause your teacher was too busy wrangling the other kids? With today’s cookie cutter education system and inflating class sizes, a lot of kiddos these days are goin’ through the same thing.

While our little ones are growin’ up, it’s so important to make ‘em feel engaged in their studies and like they’re part of a community, so they develop skills that’ll last a lifetime. That’s why some schools today are breaking the educational mold, structuring their curriculum to foster a true love of learning and treatin’ their students like family.

Sound like a far-fetched dream? There’s one right here in Gwinnett! Notre Dame Academy is the best-kept secret in local education. They’re the only K-12 Catholic school in our county that follows the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Ever heard of a 100% graduation rate? Well, they’ve got that too!

Located in Duluth, they opened the doors to their state-of-the-art campus just 16 years ago. To get there, just drive your carpool down PIB and enter the River Green Office Park. Surrounded by sports fields and green space galore, Notre Dame Academy is located near Scott Hudgens Park and local fine dining favorite, Kurt’s Euro Bistro.

Nearly everything at Notre Dame Academy has intention and purpose behind it, that’s definitely true about its founding. It was created in 2005 by two Gwinnett mothers and educators with an ambitious goal to build a school from the ground up that they would dream about sending their kids to.

Today, their brilliant vision has come to life. As a K-12 academy, students of all ages and backgrounds roam the hallways together for all of their pre-college years, building a true sense of community and treating each other like family.

With their comprehensive IB curriculum, diverse range of subjects (including philosophy, arts, and sports of all sorts!), and Marist Catholic values, Notre Dame Academy sets their students up for success while giving them the freedom and flexibility to pursue their passions.

So, pack up your backpack and take a tour through the bustling halls of Notre Dame Academy with its passionate president, Ken Willers, in this week’s On the Road video!