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What Will School Be Like in 20 Years?

Written by Zeal Dobariya, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Gwinnett School of Math, Science & Technology (GSMST)

School as we know it has been scrambled. Now, we have to wear masks and try to stand far away in order to be safe. In the future, I feel like things will be different. I feel like scientists and researchers will have found a cure for COVID, which would make it much easier for students to spend time with each other at school.

I also think that every single assignment that we complete will be digital, and there will be fewer hands-on assignments. Technology in the future will be more advanced, which makes me think that it will be easier for students to explore more areas in school. For example, if a student is interested in exploring the ocean, there will be more technology for the student to understand the topic.

I also think that students will be able to do more simulations that will allow them to understand topics better. Online simulations that show different procedures like how to build robots would be more advanced, which could help students that want to go into the engineering field. In the future, there will be more technology that will allow students to explore different areas.