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Talking Financial Fitness with Roger S Green.

What does it mean to “right size’ your life? Often having a lot of money is different from being good with money! We all want to be good, but we’re sometimes unwilling to show our hand and ask the questions that need answering!

How do you save money? How can you pay off debt, fund college, retire someday? What are the basics of financial fitness that you need to know? Well my friends, listen and learn!

Whether you are just getting started, building your assets during peak career years, heading into retirement, living life in retirement, or simply wanting a second opinion on your existing plan, this podcast is here to help!

“Your Green” is a new video and audio podcast where we cover a different topic related to your personal financial fitness. Each month we will talk with Roger S Green as he shares the knowledge he’s acquired from helping individuals and small business owners do more with their money for the last 35 years.

In this first episode, we talk through the basics that everyone needs to know when it comes to your financial fitness.

These are just a few of the basics we cover in this episode:

•Start saving and investing as early as possible with as much money as you can. Compounded growth over time is the strongest tool you have to retire comfortably. Pay yourself first and don’t take money from these assets along the way.

•Invest money you do not plan to spend for at least five years in equity investments. Your goal should be achieving long term capital appreciation. Most investors should avoid individual company stocks entirely.

•Make full use of company sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k)s. Invest as much as you can, as early as possible. Avoid company stock investments within your 401k and diversify amongst the funds available.

•Keep the money you will need in the next one to three years in readily accessible cash reserves such as a bank savings accounts or CD.

•DIVERSIFY your investments over multiple asset categories and within an asset category.

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