Best of Gwinnett 2016: With Justice for All
Gwinnett's bustling court and legal system is housed on a 61-acre site in the Gwinnett County Justice & Administration Center, commonly referred to as GJAC, home to 27 courtrooms. Gwinnett's courts consist of six jurisdictions, along with treatment courts and a newly established business court partnership. The Gwinnett Court... Read more
Best of Gwinnett 2016: Legal Specialties
When you're hiring a lawyer, you'll usually want to find one practicing in a specialty relevant to your needs. To help you sort through the specialty areas, we've broken down some common practice areas that attorneys specialize in handling. Bankruptcy Bankruptcy lawyers help individuals and businesses file for bankruptcy,... Read more
Best of Gwinnett 2016: Legal Services
Navigate life's legalities with expert guidance. Whether you're launching a new business, buying real estate, planning your estate, or protecting your intellectual property, it's wise to have an expert review the fine print, explain the intricacies of your individual situation, and show you where to dot the i's and... Read more
Membership has it's privileges. While both may be a good place to park your lottery winnings, banks and credit unions are different types of institutions. In Gwinnett, we have some of the best of both so residents can choose whats best for them. One key difference? At a credit... Read more
Best of Gwinnett 2016: Finance and Banking
Show me the money! Whether our financial tally shows a little or a lot, we all want to make smart decisions when it comes to our money. Accountants, tax return preparers, credit unions, financial consulting, counseling services, and mortgage companies play a financial role for the novice and for... Read more
Best of Gwinnett 2016: Business Superlatives
A special thank you to our top employers in addition to being great places to work, they are often among the first to answer a need in our community. EMPLOYER THE BEST Gwinnett County Public Schools 678-301-6000 Gwinnett Medical Center 678-312-1000 Primerica 800-257-4725 AMONG THE BEST Associated Credit Union... Read more
Gwinnett Countys Community Improvement Districts
From their earliest inception more than a decade ago, Gwinnett's Community Improvement Districts have had an integral and positive impact on the county's economic development. A CID is an organization created to cover a specific geographical area with certain limited taxing powers. These additional tax revenues are spent on... Read more
Nash Lauds Countys Achievements, Diversity in State of the County Address
In her seventh annual State of the County Address, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlotte Nash declared the county's condition to be remarkable, highlighting multiple accomplishments while acknowledging challenges in the future. Nash said Gwinnett's brand is one of excellence as demonstrated by its good jobs, workforce, schools,... Read more
Frenik Marketing Group Opens  New Location in Gwinnett County
Frenik Marketing Group, a full-service marketing firm specializing in helping companies strengthen their digital presence, joined Partnership Gwinnett to announce the opening of its new location in Gwinnett County, metro Atlanta, Georgia. "All of us here at Frenik couldn't be more excited to have found such a great location... Read more
Small Business Vitality
Vitality. In a word, it describes much of the spirit that drives small business in Gwinnett. The state of being strong. The active, exuberant drive to survive and succeed every day. Energy. Motivation. A can-do attitude always ready for the next challenge. In this "Hey Alexis, turn on my... Read more