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12 Nifty Health Apps to Kick Start Your New Year!

Whether you’re trying to improve your sleep, get your heart rate up or take a breather to destress, there are hundreds of innovative health apps right in the palm of your hand! Of course, these are no replacement for professional medical advice—just handy tools to help you keep your health routine on track. Check out some of our faves!


Insight Timer
Price: Free basic features, $19.99/yr for premium features
Platforms: Apple & Android

With most meditation apps these days, you’re lucky to get seven free days before hitting a steep paywall. That’s why Insight Timer is a no-brainer: they have 95,000+ free meditations by 10,500+ acclaimed teachers from across the world. Plus, they have live classes to make your experience even more personal!

Alan Mind
Price: Free basic features, $59.99/yr for premium features
Platforms: Apple

Whether you’re on the ups or downs of life’s rollercoaster, you can always benefit from journaling. Alan Mind (formerly named Jour) offers daily journal prompts, mood tracking and personalized guides for challenges around anxiety, confidence and relationships. The app also gathers statistics about your emotions and progress, so you can gain insight over time!

Price: Free basic features, $5.99 (one-time payment) for premium features
Platforms: Apple

Gratitude is one of the simplest ways to gain perspective and look on the bright side when you’re going through tough times. The Morning! app can help you keep your feet on the ground, with simple gratitude prompts each morning and evening and their uplifting Quote of the Day.

Price: One week free, then $39.99/yr
Platforms: Apple & Android

Fabulous is the all-in-one daily routine planner that keeps your personalized goals (and obstacles) in mind. Developed at Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab, the award-winning app takes a holistic approach to help you instill mindfulness and the habits you care most about into your lifestyle. Now, get planning!

Price: Free basic features, $40/yr for premium features
Platforms: Apple & Android

To stay sharp and focused, sometimes your brain needs a workout—just like the rest of your body. So, “break a sweat” with Elevate’s 35+ brain games designed to enhance critical cognitive skills and challenge you while still staying fun. They also have four on-the-go mini games for your Apple Watch!

Price: Free basic features, $38.99/yr for premium features
Platform(s): Apple

When we’re stressed or anxious, it’s easy to forget how much taking a moment to disconnect and focus on our breathing can help. Breathwrk has a library of breathing exercises designed for scenarios like calming down from panic, winding down for bed, or reenergizing from an afternoon slump.


Price: 1-week free trial, then $29.99/yr
Platforms: Apple

Forget those tedious calorie-counting apps and one-size-fits-all meal plans—Meals makes healthy eating simple and accessible by creating a nutritious meal plan that ensures balance and variation. The app offers hundreds of hearty recipes of all cuisines, accommodates 18 different diet styles, and provides detailed nutrition info for every dish.

Sleep Cycle
Price: Free basic features, $39.99/yr for premium features
Platforms: Apple & Android

Catch more Z’s and wake up refreshed by tracking your sleep with Sleep Cycle! With relaxing bedtime stories, a customized alarm that’ll wake you up when you’re in light sleep, and detailed stats on your sleeping quality, you can gain insight and find a sleep schedule that’ll serve you best.

Price: Free basic features, $29.99/yr for premium features
Platforms: Apple & Android

Whether you’re local or far from home, there’s so much to explore in the great outdoors! AllTrails has a hand-curated network of over 200,000 trails from across the world. Whether you’re a novice hiker or an expert biker, we’re sure you’ll find a nearby trail you’ve never heard of!

7 Minute Workout
Price: Free basic features, $29.99/yr for premium features
Platforms: Apple & Android

Tired of workout burnout? Feeling too busy to get to the gym? As the name suggests, 7 Minute Workout has dozens of short yet effective workouts designed for every skill level–no equipment needed! Plus, its voice and video instructions to help you stay on track while learning proper form.

Down Dog
Price: 24-day free trial, then $7.99/mo or $49.99/yr
Platforms: Apple & Android

If you’re a yoga lover, you know that local classes and YouTube videos can sometimes get repetitive. That’s why Down Dog creates a brand-new yoga practice every time you step on the mat! With 12 practice types, six teacher voices, and endless customizations, Down Dog has your yoga needs covered.

Price: Free
Platforms: Apple & Android

Unlike many other exercise apps, joyn was consciously designed to make people of all bodies and abilities feel welcome in the fitness community. From cardio to pilates to dance, joyn’s experienced instructors accommodate every skill level and provide modifications for accessibility in all of their video workout classes (100% free)!