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A Ribbon-Cutting to Remember! Lawrenceville Opens College Corridor

As the city of Lawrenceville celebrates 200 years in its bicentennial year, the city makes history again as it cuts the ribbon on the College Corridor. This extension of Collins Hill Road serves as the red carpet between downtown Lawrenceville and Georgia Gwinnett College.

“So we’re here today for a ribbon-cutting on the College Corridor. This project has been in the works for 10, 15 years and so here we are today with the culmination of having a ribbon-cutting, opening this incredible road that’s going to be a red carpet to the college, into our downtown. So we’re very excited.” Says City Manager Chuck Warbington.

Not since the paving of US-29 has a Lawrenceville roadway had the historical significance that the College Corridor will have on the city.

Mayor David Still explains, “Well, the reason the city decided to build the corridor was so that we could have another gateway, a larger gateway, and have connectivity from GGC all the way to downtown Lawrenceville. And that way the students can be more of a part of the city and the city can be more of a part of GGC. So it just brings
us closer together.”

If all goes according to plan, the student population will bring new economic impact to the city while the college benefits from the amenities, restaurants, and entertainment the city offers to entice enrollment. With the large sidewalks, multi-use trails, and bike lanes, the corridor should also encourage new developments and it’s the beginning of a brand new chapter, finally make Lawrenceville a true college town.

President of Georgia Gwinnett College, Dr. Jann Joseph believes this corridor to be vitally important, “We see our students walking down this space, riding the bikes on this space, we see coffee houses, brunch spaces. The idea is that you are participating, you engage in the space, and that you treasure it. It’s going to be an amazing space when it’s all complete. So I ask people to come and take a peek at it, to walk the roads, ride the bike along the bike lanes, and just imagine what it could be. And if at all possible, participate in it.”

Just as City Manager, Chuck Warbington, told the crowd, “Our community’s roadways can tell us as much about a culture as anything else. This new College Corridor also tells a story. And from the looks of it, between Georgia Gwinnett College and the city of Lawrenceville, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”