In a tight-knit and thriving town in South Georgia, amongst lush pines and picturesque landscapes, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) stands as a testament to the power of education and innovation in the field of agriculture. Established in Tifton in 1908, ABAC has evolved over the years into a premier institution dedicated to providing cutting-edge agricultural education as well as a highly sought-after nursing program, innovative arts and science tracks, and an ever-growing list of learning opportunities and majors for students.

At ABAC, you can find the program that fits you. Love agriculture or horticulture? There are programs ranging from agribusiness and turfgrass management to crop science and livestock production. Are arts and sciences more your niche? Students can explore degrees in biology, history, writing and fine arts. There are also pathways for nursing and health sciences, business, and more. Each and every pathway leads to success!

Programs are designed to equip students with both knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring that they are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the world. One of ABAC’s standout features is its emphasis on experiential learning. The campus boasts a 400-acre working farm where students can engage in practical agricultural activities.

Chances to practically apply what is learned in the classroom in the real world begin on day one. ABAC’s sprawling campus is equipped with a multitude of resources such as the J.G. Woodroof Farm, Forest Lakes Golf Course, and the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village. They also offer chances to get involved outside of Tifton at their instructional site in Bainbridge.

ABAC fosters a sense of community among its students.

The college offers a close-knit environment where faculty and staff are dedicated to each student’s success. This supportive atmosphere encourages collaboration and facilitates personalized learning experiences. Professors often work side by side with students in research projects, further enhancing their educational journey. Don’t worry, there’s still a vibrant student life! There are over sixty organizations available to join.

ABAC aspires to an institutional destination of greatness, a college where committed students seek a life-changing experience and are prepared to contribute positively to the communities in which they live and work. Be a part of the ABAC Bainbridge family where they provide endless opportunities for students to learn and grow. Regardless of what career path sparks the interest of an incoming student, ABAC in Bainbridge is prepared to nurture that passion and turn it into a reality!

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College