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Academic Team Serves as a Stimulating Environment for Students

New Orleans is a United States city known as ‘Big Easy;’ this constituted one of many facts thrown around at Mountain View high school’s Academic team.

Billy Jones, chemistry and physics teacher, hosts the weekly event. A teacher for over thirty years, Jones brings an energy to the club that has attracted a variety of students.

Academic team meets every Friday afternoon; candies and treats sprawl across the desks while participants compete to answer trivia questions.

Junior Adam Hordines has enjoyed the outlet that Jones created. He has participated in Academic team since his freshman year. The commonality across all students in Academic team is the sense of community that students feel at every meeting.

“Academic team is great because it provides a platform for intelligent students to show off knowledge and perhaps pick up some new facts. [Jones] and the other students provide a really welcoming atmosphere for learning and competing,” Hordines said.

There are several local, state, and district competitions that Jones and his Academic team members participate in. In addition to expressing academic abilities, Nic Minton used Academic to expand her intellectual horizons.

“Whether you know the answers or not, you are guaranteed to get something out of every meet and question. Sometimes I answer several questions while, at other times, I’m content to simply reflect on what I can absorb from my experience,” Minton said.