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All We Could Do Was Pray

August 31, 2013 was a day that changed our lives for the better. However, without Dr. Ahmed, we would have had a very different outcome, says Brittany Wheelus.

When we realized we were going to have a micro preemie, all we knew to do was pray, recalls Brittany. Fortunately, Dr. Ahmed and the NICU team at Eastside knew everything else to do. Addison was born at 24 weeks and weighed 1 pound 4.5 ounces.

Dr. Ahmed and the NICU staff were with us every step over the next 101 days. They answered every question, fought with Addison on hard days, and celebrated every victory with us. Dr. Ahmed was an answer to our prayers. His knowledge, skills, wisdom, and compassion allowed him to give Addison everything she needed.

And now? Addison is now a healthy, happy 4-year-old who goes to preschool, plays soccer, and does ballet. Dr. Ahmed and the NICU staff will forever be part of our story and our family, and we will never be able to adequately thank them for not only saving Addisons life, but also helping her thrive.

At Eastside, we know that every birth is a unique experience. Sometimes, little miracles come earlier than expected and require special care. Eastsides level three neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is fully equipped with the medical professionals, tools, and resources to provide the very best care for your baby. For more information on Eastside Medical Centers NICU, visit

My Blessed Adventure

Hellen Rogel, NICU Nurse and Graduate of Eastsides Nurse Residency Program

Being a NICU nurse has taken me through an overwhelmingly amazing and blessed adventure. Having to watch parents go home without their miracle baby has made me realize how crucial compassion is in my daily nursing care. Helping normalize such a stressful situation where one feels mixed emotions is a very rewarding experience. It is even more satisfying and fulfilling to see parents smiles and tears of joy with even the minimum sign of improvement.

The NICU staff at Eastside Medical Center meticulously works together as a team to provide the most therapeautic care possible. We know that we are our patients advocate during this vulnerable stage of life and that our care has a lifelong impact. All of these reasons were factors in personally deciding to deliver my baby at Eastside Medical Center. The neonatologists are extremely knowledgeable, and they treat you like family.